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Ranok publishing house released children’s mine safety comic book

Ranok publishing house released children’s mine safety comic book

One day of war is worth at least five days of demining. People are injured and killed by mines and other explosive devices even in the absence of active hostilities. The number of casualties is increasing daily. These are the realities of the present.

Everyone should know that the threat of explosion can be hidden in invisible and seemingly safe, everyday things. Everyone should teach children the basic rules of safe behavior and actions in case of detection of mines and other explosive objects. Knowing these rules will save lives!

Ranok publishing house has created a tutorial in the form of a comic book, which will help children to learn important mine safety issues.

Behavior of characters in situations involving mines or explosive objects becomes a role model and teaches safety rules. The events unfold on Miracle planet, which is very similar to Earth. Peck is a good and clever dog who was tricked by a villain. Instead of secretly giving small gifts to kids, Peck was laying out explosives! Because of a mine accident, the dog suffered himself. Two children saved dog’s life and become his friends. They together explained to others, what rules are important to follow in order to be safe.

In addition to the interesting story, the book contains information posters that are used as mine safety instructions and help readers learn:

    Basic rules for safe handling of mines and explosive objects;

    Possible locations of mines and explosive objects;

    Shapes and colors of the most common mines and explosive objects;

    Possible causes and consequences of the explosion;

    Basic safety rules in case of detection of mines and explosive objects, other suspicious objects;

    Basic actions in case when a person is in a dangerous situation (for example, in a minefield).

The book also has tasks with stickers and online apps. Children can check their knowledge or view useful videos using QR-links.

You can download the book from here:

Source: www.ranok.com.ua

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