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14 June is the Day of Employees of Clothing and Footwear Industry of Ukraine

14 June is the Day of Employees of Clothing and Footwear Industry of Ukraine

On June 14, Employees of Clothing and Footwear Industry of Ukraine celebrate their professional holiday.

Unfortunately, according to the government statistics, clothing and footwear industry has been most affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

This is why clothing and footwear industry now needs effective targeted state support. We hope that such support will be provided by the government whose main messages are priority of domestic manufacturers and protection of Ukrainian goods and services from imported alternatives.

At the same time, domestic clothing and footwear enterprises have responded to the challenges of the times. To overcome the epidemic of COVID-19 coronavirus disease in Ukraine, they quickly re-profiled and immediately launched production of personal protective equipment (PPE), i.e. face masks, protective costumes, etc. Among them were exhibitors of BABY EXPO and Children’s Fashion Fair.

In some regions, new enterprises producing PPE (mainly face masks) and protective materials have appeared. Produced PPE are frequently donated by manufacturers. As a result, the issue of speculative prices was quickly resolved and priority needs for protection of population, health workers, military forces, security agencies and operational infrastructure were met.

On this day, we congratulate employees of clothing and footwear industry of Ukraine, wish them good health and prosperity.

We believe that everything will be OK!

How to get to the fair

  • Fair location:

    Ukraine, Kiev, 40-В Peremohy ave.

  • Working hours:

    10 a.m. – 6 p.m.

  • Phone:

    +380 44 456 3804

  • Metropoliten:

    М1 red line, Shuliavska station

  • Taxi:

    +380 93 012 3223