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How to fix a scandal with minimal reputation losses

How to fix a scandal with minimal reputation losses

In the digital era, even a small business problem can turn into a loud scandal in a few hours and affect not only your reputation, but also trade opportunity. So be aware of some tips on how to act in a similar situation.

Don’t be quiet. Even if you have nothing to say to the media and public, you should communicate. Say that the details are being clarified and will be made public at X o’clock.

Work 24/7. Your crisis team should stay in touch. Every hour is important in crisis communications.

Be honest and open. Attempts to sidestep or twist facts rarely succeed in concealing. Such actions tend to further undermine your credibility.

Show no emotions. Whatever happens, stay calm and confident, however difficult it may be.

Use only proven facts. Only confirmed information should be released to the public, in terms of your reputation, in terms of the law.

Make screenshots and be ready to put the conflict into the legal framework. If it’s about restoring honor, dignity, and business reputation in a court of law, you need some evidence. People can easily edit or delete information published in online media, so you’d better do screenshots with date and time.

Inform your team. Company position should be communicated to employees. It is important that they receive information from primary sources.

Hire experienced professionals and listen to their advice. Sometimes it is very difficult to cope with a large-scale crisis on your own and without experience.

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