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Reels for business: 10 cool ideas

Reels for business: 10 cool ideas

1. Company values reels

They are short films that convey mood and meaning in just a few minutes. But here you should follow the rule: 1 reel = 1 idea.

2. UGC (user-generated content)

It’s content created by consumers and users, not by professional marketers. They can be both your subscribers and UGC creators who make videos about your products in Reels format. This trend is gaining momentum, so you will easily find such people.

3. Serialities

Seriality means adaptation of a popular TV series or your own story. The most important things are actors and idea. You can take a TV show or movie as a basis and adapt some scenes to convey your brand’s mood.

4. Memes

This format easily breakes the monotony of Instagram feed and collects many reactions and comments. We strongly advise to check it out yourself. Take only relevant memes for your reel’s idea. Write off an exact description that will certainly resonate with your audience (only then they will share your reel).

5. Product in a familiar environment

To be properly displayed, your product should fit in with the visual environment.
When we’re buying a product, we want to see its performance, not just the look. So if you advertise outerwear, show it in a familiar environment: early October, autumn leaves and gentle wind. Don’t show it at a poolside party in summer.

6. Behind-the-scenes reels

Reveal what’s going on within the brand and how the product is created. Most people are interested in looking behind the scenes to feel like they are part of the brand and understand who and how creates the product.

7. Expert advice

With this content, you can close your customers’ issues and solve their problems. But you should clearly understand the reasons they worry or hesitate. Therefore, you should draw up a list of questions and restrictions of your potential customers, which make them afraid of cooperation with you and keep them from buying your products. Then answer these questions and try to close the issues of concern. This way, you can not only show your expertise, but also help those who didn’t know the relevant information.

8. Entertaining reels

There’s nothing better to hold your audience than entertaining content that raises a smile. You can show curious situations or adapt some events in an entertaining way.

9. Corporate culture reels

No product exists on its own. It’s part of the company. Expose your brand’s ideas, values and mood as if it were an individual. Tell about your team, their values and interests. Show the most important aspects of your work and some daily rituals.

10. Life sketches

To properly prepare such content, it’s very important to hit the interest of your target audience. Think about situations that will certainly resonate with your audience. People may see themselves in a similar position or have experienced a similar situation.


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