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Product promotion on YouTube by Oleksii Roslov

Product promotion on YouTube by Oleksii Roslov

Oleksii Roslov, video producer and director, has told about advantages of product promotion on YouTube

Each social medium has its own advantages/disadvantages and its own audience. YouTube has the maximum range of possibilities to promote products and services, but interaction of Ukrainian businesses with YouTube is in its infancy.

Let’s figure out what the problem is and how to solve it.

The problem is a lack of knowledge about how YouTube works. According to video production studios, 95% of customers don’t understand why they need YouTube and order video by inertia or intuition.

Paradoxically, videos are ordered very often (only in Kyiv there are at least 10 studios that focus on online video production), and the result is very weak. This happens because customers who order videos place them on YouTube and forget that they should be promoted and advertised. The basic idea that spins around in customers’ heads is “There’s almost no competition in my segment. We made a good video. So they’ll find us and look at us.” Alas, that’s not true. YouTube works the same way as other social media: if you want to be seen, pay. It never occurs to people that they can print a beautiful big poster and leave it at the office or make an audio clip and not play it on the radio. There is a huge competition on YouTube, and if we want to be leaders, we have to pay for advertising.

How much YouTube advertising costs and what the result is

Before we move on to prices, it is important to note that YouTube is different from other social media in that viewers see not what they are being shown, but rather what they want to see. Close your eyes and remember the sequence of your actions when using YouTube. You go to YouTube and… right, search for something. This difference from other media suggests that the target audience on YouTube is aiming at 100%. For instance, a woman is looking for a stroller on YouTube. She is typing “buy a stroller online delivery” in a search box. The results of the search are videos having such words in the name or description. There can be a hundred or even a few hundred of videos. And the first few videos are the first only because they’re paid for. According to statistics, 80% of people after finding the right thing in Google don’t go beyond the first page. YouTube works exactly the same way. That is why it is so important not just to have a video, but to promote it. Moreover, some YouTube professionals say that 30% of your success is a video and 70% of your success is promotion of the video.

So, let’s move on to prices. For 100 UAH, you get about 1,000 views of your video. “About” is very important. YouTube cannot guarantee the exact number of viewers at a given point in time for the simple reason that there is no uniform distribution of YouTube viewing on all topics. But on average, each viewing will cost 10 kopecks. You can promote your videos with the help of hired professionals, which is going to be much more expensive, or by yourself, which is not easy for beginners.

Video making is simple.

Our complexes are working against us not only in our lives, but also in our work. Video producers complain that customers mostly order the same type and format “like everyone else’s” videos and promote them “like everyone else”, i.e. not at all. But we ourselves enjoy watching “not like everyone else’s” videos, just like customers’ audiences. YouTube is a beautiful medium that has no frames, no restrictions! You can use your YouTube channel as a video storage, as a set of cases, place there commercials, humor videos, poetries, whatever! The channel can be advertising, informational, entertaining — all is in your hands!

In recent years, the trend of indirect advertising has gained momentum. Imagine a channel named All About Cats and Dogs. Videos of this imaginary channel are about animal breeds, diseases, habits, and care. At the end of each video, there’s an advertisement saying that the channel was created with the support of a definite pet store. The owners ostensibly distance themselves from the channel. They do not write openly that this channel is their property (though it is), but write “with the support” making it clear that the channel is not for advertising, but for information purposes.

The video can be ordered from outside organizations or made by you. Of course, if we are talking about some advanced production technologies with a large number of experts involved, it will be expensive. For example, the price of a decent advertisement in Ukraine starts from 10,000 USD. Company presentations range from 50,000 to 250,000 UAH. Video reviews of products or services range from 1,000 to 7,000 USD. Discounts on large or permanent orders can be very significant, which is connected with video technologies.

But you can make a video yourself. Remember that the main thing is not making a video, but inventing a video concept. There are many examples where all videos of popular YouTube channels are shot with a smartphone.

Visit https://www.facebook.com/proizvodstvovideoobzorov to learn how to shoot videos or control shooting process, how to assemble them, where to take music without violating anyone’s copyright, what video equipment to use and where to take it, how to promote videos and much more.

Let us recall that Oleksii Roslov told about YouTube promotion and some other things at the conference held at this year’s edition of BABY EXPO trade fair of children’s goods.

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