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We expect to overcome the demographic crisis

We expect to overcome the demographic crisis

"We expect to overcome the demographic crisis": the head of the maternity hospital named the conditions and dates of the baby-boom in Ukraine.

Because of the war, Ukraine’s population could be significantly reduced. The demographic situation before the full-scale invasion was not the best. Moreover, far fewer children were born in the country than even a year ago.

What are the current realities of the birth rate in Ukraine, what will happen next and whether to expect a demographic boom? These questions are answered in Styler’s interview with Vadim Zukin, head of Leleka maternity hospital.

War and demographics: what to expect in Ukraine

In the short run, Ukraine’s population is likely to decline significantly. The reasons are obvious: increase in mortality rate caused by the war; deterioration of people’s health caused by stress; lack of or late received medical care.

A significant number of civilians have also left the country to flee enemy attacks. Thus, according to the UN, more than 7.5 million people, mostly women with children, left Ukraine after the start of the full-scale war. It is obvious that some of them will take root in a new place and will not return to Ukraine.

Among other things, birth rate plays a significant role. We already see a decrease in the number of new pregnancies and in childbirth. Many pregnant women left the country and have already given birth or are about to give birth in a host country.

But do not give up. After all, in the event of a victory of Ukraine, we can expect a significant economy growth that, in turn, will help increase the birth rate.

Pre-war birth statistics

According to the State Statistics Service of Ukraine, an average of 25.7 thousand babies were born every month in 2019, 24.5 thousand in 2020, 22 thousand in 2021, and 18 thousand as of the beginning of 2022.

For example, 18,062 babies were born in Ukraine in January 2022, which is 18 percent less than in the same month of the previous year, when 21,931 babies were born.

As for the capital of Ukraine, there is a mirror situation: 1934 babies were born in Kyiv in January 2022, 2393 babies in January 2021, and 2828 babies in January 2020.

However, it should be noted that birth rate reduction had existed even before the full-scale invasion of Russia.

So, the demographic picture in Ukraine was not rosy, and the war made it much worse. Therefore, we need to look for the ways to solve this issue, to develop a plan of solutions and priority actions right now. Both health facilities and the state should work on it.

Source: rbc.ua

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