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Micro-merchandising and trade space management as a cheap and efficient way to promote sales

Micro-merchandising and trade space management as a cheap and efficient way to promote sales

Merchandising is a retail marketing practice. Merchandising usually refers to the selection of promotional and marketing tools, both by manufacturers and sellers.

In a broader sense, merchandising is aimed at encouraging customers to promote sales.

Merchandising cycles vary from time to time and can take into account seasonal holidays, the beginning or end of schooling and even weather conditions. With the emergence of self-service, merchandising has become a true scientific art. It has its own universal rules and can change customer behavior in a predictable way.

Merchandising is one of the cheapest advertising tools, especially if it is handled by an experienced professional. Merchandising is important because it affects customers at the last stage of purchasing decision. Merchandising can be the main focus of companies with limited advertising budgets, as better shelving and similar methods cost little or nothing at all.

Not surprisingly, the advice of leading merchandising experts is in great demand, and their lectures and workshops gather full rooms. Zhanna Yenikieieva, trade marketing and merchandising coach at TradeMasterGroup, is no exception.

Zhanna is a well-known professional who has been engaged in merchandising projects by large food and non-food retail companies, construction stores (Loreal, Megapolis, Global Spirits, Ajur, Typhoon-2000, Olcom, etc.).

Zhanna’s workshop within 25th edition of Baby Expo was devoted to planograms that are effective for offline and online stores. It aroused great interest, as it introduced the latest global trends of visual merchandising.

It was useful for both beginners and experienced professionals to hear about the influence of shape and color on customers, layout rules and planogram techniques for offline and online stores, peculiarities of sales schemes used in offline and online retail, etc.

Visual merchandising is an important component of retail merchandising. It is responsible for how consumers perceive brick-and-mortar and online stores, and how they see the sold products. Micro-merchandising is applied to many things: from overall store appearance to well-thought-out details such as entrance lighting, arrangement of shelf stands and posters. This ensures that customer’s journey through the store will be efficient, unique and exciting.

Creative methods of visual merchandising encourage customers to buy, and sellers can influence customers’ choices both in a brick-and-mortar and online stores. Modern neurobiological research proves that the effect of communication via optical stimulation is measurable and real; for example, even small stickers on goods subconsciously make them more attractive for customers.

Of course, there are many tips on visual merchandising, but it is also important not to apply them “on skill”, but to rely on a clear plan based on science and experience to achieve the greatest effect.

To do the above in the fastest way, visit Zhanna’s next training Micro-merchandising and efficient management of trading space. Visitors will get valuable knowledge about merchandising as a sales promotion tool, study trade equipment and POSM types, learn layout rules for new products, discuss Private Label and anti-crisis merchandising promotion methods.

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