21.12.2018 15:31:00

Focus on regions. Rivne

Focus on regions. Rivne

Children’s stores located in Rivne are numerically impressive. There are lots and lots of them. And it is worthy of note that all the stores mapped are really existing and flourishing, unlike those in some other visited cities.

Central trading center located at the basement level is so large that it looks like ‘a city under the city’. It is also packed with children’s stores whose managers are keenly interested in BABY EXPO. Most of them know and remember about the fair, and those who don’t wish to learn about it as much and as soon as possible straight from us. There are many chain stores as well (Antoshka, Chicco, Chudo Ostriv, Budynok Igrashok, Bembi, BeSmart, etc.), merely located at Zlata Plaza trading center and Equator leisure center in Rivne downtown. Thumbelina store at Equator is distinguished by the runway where kids can show off new outfits.

We have also visited our longtime exhibitors based in Rivne, i.e. Grand Toys (distributor of children’s products) and Odiagaiko (manufacturer of children’s wear).

How to get to the fair

  • Fair location:

    Ukraine, Kiev, 15 Brovarsky ave.

  • Working hours:

    10 a.m. – 5 p.m.

  • Phone:

    +380 44 456 3804

  • Metropoliten:

    М1 red line, Livoberezhna station

  • Taxi:

    +380 93 012 3223