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Commercial offer tips

Commercial offer tips

Many people have found that, under relatively similar conditions, one commercial offer is preferred over another that is simply ignored. Here are some tips to increase the attractiveness of your offer.

Save other people’s time. People who receive commercial offers are often quite concerned and don’t have time to read long texts. Therefore it’s important to visually highlight crucial points. If so, decision-makers grasp the essence at a glance and save their time.

Personalize your offer. No one is interested in reading boilerplate letters. Try to collect more information about the addressee (company and its owner) to consider some individual features when writing your offer. Offer something interesting to the addressee. Instead of trying to sell your products, try to help people.

It’s important what is inside. Visual design is essential, but if the offer is not interesting, it will not help. Even a simple letter without pictures and bright inserts can attract more attention if readable.

Don’t expect much. Not every offer ends in a partnership. Many emails go to spam, some are caught up with the others. Decision makers often find more profitable and attractive offers, so it is no use expecting a first-shot hit. You should clearly understand that sending commercial offers is only one of the methods to promote your services, so don’t ignore the others.

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