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Parent or kid, who is the boss? Nova Light CEO at BABY EXPO 2021 business conference

Parent or kid, who is the boss? Nova Light CEO at BABY EXPO 2021 business conference

On 10–12 March 2021, 25th anniversary edition of BABY EXPO International Trade Fair of Children’s Goods was held. BABY EXPO is not only a platform for displaying a wide range of children’s goods, but also a place where topical issues of industry, market and business are discussed.

Within this year’s edition of BABY EXPO, real experts shared their experiences at a three-day conference.

Volodymyr Klychanovskyi, CEO of Nova Light engineering company, focused on the issue exercising retailers and parents as well — parent or kid, who is the boss at children’s shop?

Focus points of the report:

Rational thinking is a secondary process. What is considered to be a deliberate logical decision is more often driven by emotion. Therefore, it is emotion that is primary in choosing a shop and a product for both children and adults.

But emotions are different when choosing toys at a children’s shop. Children are excited and active, and parents are stressed and irritated. When choosing a light engineering concept, retailers need to solve two problems at once: diminish children’s activity and keep parents rested.

To keep parents at a shop for as long as possible, definite areas should be softly lighted. And to interest children, the space itself should be visually interesting, full of various colors and light zoned. Then, purchase making process and parent-child-retailer interaction will become very comfortable.

If you want to renew your trade space and make it purchase stimulating, feel free to contact https://www.nova-light.com.ua/.

How to get to the fair

  • Fair location:

    40-B, Peremohy ave., Kyiv, Ukraine

  • Working hours:

    10:00 – 17:00

  • Phone:

    +380 44 456 3804

  • Metropoliten:

    М1 red line, Shulyavska station

  • Taxi:

    +380 93 012 3223