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Does manager’s response speed affect success of a sale?

Does manager’s response speed affect success of a sale?

In a nutshell – yes, it does.

In a highly competitive environment, details decide who gets a customer, you or your competitor. Therefore, the speed of processing requests also decides.

According to various studies, an average customer is ready to wait for your answer for 3–5 minutes. The longer the wait, the colder he becomes.

For a manager who handles leads directly through messengers or social media, it can be a problem to switch quickly, to answer frequently asked questions without getting confused in dialogues. In such a situation, processing speed/quality or manager’s mind affected by constant stress suffers a lot.

In fact, this problem is easily solved by CRM.

CRM system collects messages from all messengers and social media and allows to respond all customers in a single window. Manager doesn’t need to switch between messengers and spend time searching for particular messages.

CRM has the option to use ready-made FAQ templates. You don’t have to constantly search, copy and rewrite the same information.

You can also set up a humanoid answering machine in CRM, which will speed up the initial responses to requests. These can be greeting and typical first questions to a new customer.

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