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9 essential skills all managers should have

9 essential skills all managers should have

To become a good manager, you should daily improve a number of skills required for effective business management.

Critical thinking. Constantly analyze information and model situations in advance. Don’t rely on others’ opinions, avoid provocations, and consider arguments.

Stage planning. Build a model of step-by-step solution of management tasks. Comprehensively assess problems without bypassing the forecasting of possible risks and prospects.

Out-of-the-box thinking. Generate as many ideas as possible without pushing without any rigid frameworks. Managers need to train and develop their creative bones, thus increasing the chances of finding brand new solutions.

Leadership. True leaders lead by their example. If you are a leader, your team’s work depends on you. It’s illogical to ask your subordinates to do something you cannot do perfectly on your own.

Public speaking and communication skills. These skills can work miracles, so boost your ability to negotiate and avoid sharp angles. Effective business communication is worth its weight in gold.

Stress resistanse. Try not only to control your emotions, but also analyze what drives the behavior and reactions of your colleagues and subordinates.

Mental flexibility. It’s important to demonstrate cognitive flexibility, quickly react to situations and adjust to sudden changes.

Business skills. Clearly justify and defend your position. Practice in persuasion and negotiation. It’s important to make decisions independently and take responsibility for them.

Task management. Define task management technique that supports your workflow; makes it easier to sort, schedule and prioritize upcoming tasks; and ensures you spend the necessary amount of time on each task.

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