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7 ideas to keep your team motivated

7 ideas to keep your team motivated

Apathetic employees may have a negative impact on team effectiveness and customer relations. Here are several ideas to keep your team motivated.

Analyze your employees to understand their priorities. If you want to motivate your team members, you should clearly understand what they like and care about. Every person is unique and requires individual approach.

Encourage initiatives and motivate employees to make decisions. Micromanagement may discourage them. Ask for advice, solve issues together, and don’t forget to be thankful.

Hold regular face-to-face meetings with your team members. In this way you can address pressing issues, improve mutual understanding, and detect disgruntled employees.

Create a performance bonus system. Money has always been a strong motivation.

Create healthy competition within your team. Friendly rivalry can raise productivity.

Invest in education and development of your team. Skill development always increases motivation.

Organize a teambuilding party to take a break from daily routine and put some pep into your team.

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