For stand-builders

EXHIBITOR has the right to involve in the construction of individual stand external organization (BUILDER) or to build stand on his own. 

In these cases, Exhibitor has to follow standard requirements:

1. BUILDER must be accredited to work at the exhibition grounds of the International Exhibition Centre (IEC).

2. EXHIBITOR shall notify ORGANIZER of the exhibition and technical service of the IEC of BUILDER involvement, inform the name of this organization, contact person, their phone number and a list of employees, who will carry out stand construction works.

This information must be submitted not later than 14 days before the event with the signature of the authorized person otth the EXHIBITOR and certified by the seal.

Telephone: +380 44 4563804

3. In case of independent stand-building, EXHIBITOR must:

4. Connection of electricity is possible only after submitting Application for this service to the ORGANIZER.

5. All materials used for stand construction must have a Fire Safety Certificate (fire resistance, fire safety) from the manufacturer, officially confirmed in Ukraine. In case if stand constructions are made of wooden parts, the latter should have a special fire-proof impregnation.
6. EXHIBITOR, before starting work at the stand, has to prepare a valid list of imported equipment (having a signature and a stamp) in duplicate and pass them to the ORGANIZER on the day of arrival to the exhibition.


7. Smoking on the closed territory of the exhibition center is prohibited. Fine for violation of this paragraph - 60 Euros for each recorded time.
8. To perform paint and varnish and sawing operations (and other works that can dust trusses, air filters, etc.) at the territory of exhibition grounds.
In case if such works are needed, the EXHIBITOR or his BUILDER, must obtain permission from the Technical Service.


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