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We thank our partners for long-term cooperation and information support of our Trade Fairs!

General Internet partner:

rdt-info.gif - the largest online resource on the Russian market of children's goods. The project focuses on business audience that is interested in getting efficient and reliable information about the situation on the market of children's goods. Resource combines a number of services that open broad opportunities for market participants.

Fashion-media partner:

JF Star.jpgJFStar - women's magazine about children's fashion. It offers professional reviews of children's fashion from all around the world, model business for children and information about the life of world stars. Every issue includes lovely photos and articles about social life, different events, reviews of useful gadgets, culture, art, aesthetics, food, leisure, interviews and much more. 

Information partners:

Журнал Твой малыш

It is the most popular magazine for parents in Ukraine

“Tvoy Malysh” - an expert on health and baby care from 0 to 3 years old! Unique Ukrainian magazine for modern parents.
It publishes information about pregnancy and childbirth, caring for newborns and young babies.
Qualified teachers, psychologists and methodologists cooperate with the magazine.
"Tvoy Malysh" helps find the truth and offers only necessary and qualitative information.

Журнал Мой ребенок

"MOY REBENOK" – leading Ukrainian monthly special magazine for young parents. It publishes useful and interesting materials about health, development and upbringing of children; the most irrefragable recommendations of specialists: children practitioners, psychologists and pedagogues; necessary addresses and phone numbers in all regions of Ukraine.

"MOY REBENOK" – is a reliable helper and good friend during the happiest period of family life!


"Horoshie roditeli" - an expert on development and education of children from 0 to 7 years. The glossy magazine of next generation!
Here one can find a lot of useful information on psychology, education and development of children, tips of Ukrainian specialists, many unique techniques, modern and classical theories of psychologists and educators.
Always glad to help parents become good and happy, because only these mothers and fathers raise happy and healthy children!


Magazine "Mama i Ya" - the most accessible magazine for parents, where they can find a lot of information about baby health.
Materials are published in a brief, concise manner - for mothers, who need to find a rapid answer to a burning questions.
The magazine is dedicated to the health of your baby.
In each issue one can find 100 questions for experts!

p-mamainfo.gif The first magazine of the European level Mama info is an essential source of advice and useful information for young mothers.
швейное дело.jpg"Sewing Business and Fashion" is a Ukrainian specialized magazine that is being issued since 2002. “Sewing Business and Fashion" is the only Ukrainian specialized MONTHLY advertising and information light industry magazine. The magazine covers all branches of light industry. It is designed for manufacturers, owners and managers of trading companies, warehouses, shops, as well as suppliers of materials, equipment, chemicals, accessories and fittings.


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